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Medical Bills
One of the most common items that is harming many consumer’s credit profile is medical bills. If your credit is suffering from the effects of erroneous medical bills, we have the right approach to get your credit back on track.
Collection accounts can be reported by the original creditor and/or a collection agency on a consumer’s credit report. Speak with one of our experts today to discuss your credit profile and how we may assist you in removing collection accounts from your credit.
One of the biggest negative accounts that can report on a credit report is a Bankruptcy. No worries, here at BTK Financial, we use a 2 step method to assist our clients with Bankruptcy removal.
Late Payments
Life happened and now there’s a late payment reporting on your credit reports. Although just as common as medical bills, a single late payment can cause more damage to a credit profile because it typically drops a credit score anywhere from 40-120 points. Also, most lenders tend to frown upon late payments that has occurred within the last 2 years of your application. Have late payments reporting? Speak with one of our experts today to see if your account may be eligible for a goodwill adjustment (at creditor’s discretion).
Charge Off
Contrary to popular belief, even if an account has been charged-off, the debt is still owed and the account can still be reported as a negative account to the credit bureaus. If you have charge-offs reporting, let the professionals at BTK FINANCIAL assist you in getting your credit back on track!
A foreclosure account can be disputed the same as any other negative account. Let us help you! Schedule your FREE consultation call today.

Credit Repair Services

(different plan options)
  • DIY E-BOOK $39.99
  • Notary Public (pricing varies)
  • Book-Keeping (pricing varies)
  • Tax Preparation (pricing varies)
  • Loan Signing Agent (pricing varies)
  • Business Funding (based on credit)
  • Budgeting/Savings ($50.00 per session)
  • Student Loan Consolidation/Rehab ($299)
  • Building Business Credit E-Book - Coming Soon ($149.99)

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