If you hire us to manage your credit report then one of the many benefits you get is taking care of your collections by removing charge-offs. For this process, our experienced staff is trained to make deals with lenders or creditors on your behalf. The laws and regulations are followed at each step ensuring a secure process for you. All we do is make some legit and logical negotiation points on your behalf to convince the creditor to agree on “pay for delete”. As a result, you can save a lot of money as credit assigns your account to be closed for future charges. In this process, your account is transferred to any collection company or in some cases sold to some debt buyer. Hence any future charges are paused on your credit report and your score starts boosting day by day. However, you are supposed to legally pay that debt.

Creating Ease as we progress

The reason to carry out the whole procedure is to provide the client with the maximum benefit they can get from a high credit score. We are here to guide you through the whole process of charge-offs and let you know about the discussions going on. The staff is trained with amazing communication skills so don’t worry if you feel naïve to this whole process. All we are doing is for the betterment of your financial career in which credit reports play such an important role. Certain steps are followed to remove a charge-off from reports and each step needs a proper skill set. Once it is found out which creditor or company owns the dept we start analyzing other details of the debt. The next step is crucial in which a reasonable settlement amount is proposed on your behalf. Don’t worry while we manage your account because you will not be paying even an extra penny to remove that charge-off.

Uplifting your credit scores

Charge-offs can massively derail your credit scores and make them bad which makes you an unfavorable investment opportunity for creditors.

What our Clients say

I am a student, and my educational loan was getting rejected, and the reason was my low credit score. BTK Financial Consulting didn't only help me score higher, but educated me to grow my credit score independently. I highly recommend their services.

Albert Junior

A huge loss in my business leads me to bankruptcy charges that demise my market position. I came across BTK Financial Solutions, and today, my credit report is clean, and I am back in the business.

Clara Jepsen

What can be one's biggest dream? Your home. Let's work for it together. That was the statement of the experts when I consulted them. And today, I am enjoying the comfort f of my own home.

Steven Chaw