Are you worried about long heavy debts and want to take a fresh start? Contact us to make a repayment plan for yourself and start a new financial journey today. A journey where you will be free to make your decisions and have a more secure financial career to pursue your dreams. A detailed description is provided by our team to clarify things for you. This is an area for those people who are suffering from long debts and feel unable to pay any further. So they do so by liquidating their assets according to bankruptcy laws. The important thing to notice is that a layman generally has no idea about these laws and sometimes some credit repairing companies can take advantage of it. This is another reason to choose us that we not only take care of bankruptcy but also try to explain all the related laws and regulations to you.

Legalities Involved that help out

Federal court is involved in dealing this method and you can file a petition to ut right after you are declared bankrupt so that the court might be able to proceed with the further process. Once your petition is filled it is the responsibility of the federal court to permit notice to your creditors that they can no longer pursue any debt you owed. So it is one of the effective methods to give new support to a financially troubled business by taking a fresh start. Client and case history are fully secured with us as we are very protective of your privacy. Only the federal court can ask for some details from your credit history and we provide it on your behalf. This generally includes the total duration and amount of the debt you were supposed to pay.

Helping you start over

Everyone needs a fresh every now and then. So, we help create easy repayment plans that help out.

What our Clients say

I am a student, and my educational loan was getting rejected, and the reason was my low credit score. BTK Financial Consulting didn't only help me score higher, but educated me to grow my credit score independently. I highly recommend their services.

Albert Junior

A huge loss in my business leads me to bankruptcy charges that demise my market position. I came across BTK Financial Solutions, and today, my credit report is clean, and I am back in the business.

Clara Jepsen

What can be one's biggest dream? Your home. Let's work for it together. That was the statement of the experts when I consulted them. And today, I am enjoying the comfort f of my own home.

Steven Chaw